Internship in France 3rd year student Anna Tkach

Internship in France 3rd year student Anna Tkach “At the end of last year, my first internship ended, and now I am ready to share with you my emotions and impressions. I will start with the fact that thanks to the cooperation of Odessa National University of Technology and the Federation echanges France Ukraine (FEFU), I got a unique opportunity for international practice in a country that is considered a benchmark and benchmark for good wine. I spent two incredible and busy months in the Beaujolais region, where I first came face to face with my specialty – winemaking. Everyone knows that France is a kaleidoscope of wine regions that have developed independently, and products from each region differ from each other in all respects, the Beaujolais region is no exception. During the internship I was introduced to the peculiarities of production technology and shared my little secrets. During business trips with my mentor, I visited some cities in France and Belgium, where we presented our wine.

It was one of the most memorable moments of the internship. I am very grateful to my French family, who helped me to overcome all difficulties and introduced me to their culture, traditions and helped to improve the language. I’m not saying that this internship changed me, but it definitely affected me personally and professionally. It was a wonderful experience. “

Anna Tkach, 3rd year student

OPP “Technologies of fermentation and winemaking products”