Head of the Department of Technology of Wine and Sensory Analysis

O.B. Tkachenko


Dear friends!

Over the centuries, in different parts of the world, along with the differentiation of culinary traditions, various drinks were created. Peoples used to use them for relaxation or cheerfulness, increased appetite and quenching thirst.

In this way were created grape and fruit-berry wines of various types, beer, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. A natural basis for theirs preparation contain more than 800 chemical compounds which help to maintain and regulate the physiological functions of the human body, biochemical and behavioral reactions, preserve and improve health, reduce the risk of disease and increase life time.

The technology of drinks has been considered as a great art and required high skill, experience and knowledge in all ages. It is necessary to have a big talent for creation a tasty, useful and functional beverage. It is like to create beautiful music or highly artistic works of art.

The creation of wine is the union of knowledge and art. How to make Jerez, Madera, Port wine, Vermouth, Champagne, Cognac, Beer, Liqueurs, and functional drinks? How to study the received drinks, save them, correctly and responsibly use with health benefits? Is possible to find the answer for all these questions, having the specialty “Technology of fermentation productions and winemaking”.

Odessa region has the largest areas of vineyards in Ukraine and it’s a major recreational center. Profession of a technologist in fermentation production and winemaking are promising and prestigious here.

The traditions and innovations make the base for educational programs and special disciplines studied by students at the Department. In order to improve the level of training with the participation of the department were created educational and research-and-production complexes. They allow to use for educational process production resources of advanced specialized enterprises of Ukraine, modern analytical equipment of research institutes.

The production, research, pre-diploma practices of students are held at modern wine-making and beer-alcohol-free enterprises of Ukraine (“OdessaVinProm”, “Yuzhny”, “Shabo”, “Vintrest”, “Radsad”, “Koblevo”, “WinholOksamytne”, “Limansky”,“Champagne Ukraine”, “Izmail Winery”, “Knyaz Trubetskoy”, “Chornomorska perlyna”, JSC” Obolon ” etc.).
The best students are trained in France, USA, Bulgaria, Chile and other countries of the world.

Students, who have good theoretical training and necessary practical skills, have a lot of activities. They take part in various competitions, exhibitions, create author’s wines, drinks, which are highly appreciated by competent tasting commissions and are popular among demanding consumers.

The obtained knowledge allows graduates student of the Department to be competitive in the labor market. Our graduates successfully build their careers and work as ahead winemakers, managers, chief specialists, heads of laboratories, technologists, chemical engineers of joint-stock, private and public enterprises, in research and design organizations, in higher educational institutions not only in Ukraine, but also abroad: in Russia, Moldova, Central Asia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Israel, etc.